A Spoonful of Springer

Hello interweb humans perusing the blogosphere!

I mentioned Monday that I wished I could give Lacie some Spring to help out her jumping.  Well, we had a talk (plus a NASCAR+wrestle-mania play fest) Tuesday, and I let her know the secret to fearlessly leaping over giant obstacles.  And boy did she remember what I taught her!  Last night’s agility practice saw her leaping all over the place!

Plus she’s almost faster at the weaves than I am:

I think it may be time to stop giving the Barbie Collie advice. 😉


More stupid things….

I haven’t done a “Stupid Things my Humans Do” post in a while, so today is the day!

I’ve said this before here, but humans put way too much thought into the clothes they put on.  But more than that, they insist on wearing clothes that they don’t want dog drool, mud, or even slightly slobbery water on.  When my mom comes home and sits down on the couch, of course I’m going to put my drooly, wet-eared head in her lap.  So she’s a bit stupid to even attempt sitting down in her nice work clothes.  And yet she does it anyway.  And my dad says things like “Loooola!  You’re getting me all slobbery!”  Well, duh. I’m cuddling with you and I just dunked half my head in the water bowl.  You’re the one who decided to put clothes on!  If you really like to be clean, just strut around in the easiest-to-clean, most water-proof attire…. skin!  🙂


What's with the fancy pants, Mom?

Wanted: A little extra Spring

As much as I don’t like to admit how much I like my sister Lacie, she is pretty fantastic as far as sisters go.  She plays with me all day, and doesn’t try to eat me when I paw her head over and over and over again to get her to play.

So when Lacie went to her first Extreme Sports Event this last weekend, and the indoor lights made her 26″ jumps look like enormous venomous monsters, I wanted so bad for her to be half Springer Spaniel so she could leap to victory!  Alas, she is all Border Collie.  So instead of leaping over the scary jumps, she tried jumping through the bars instead.  Then when she got to the triple bar 26-incher, she was so scared she tried crawling in the side of the obstacle and leaping out.  Oh Lacie.  We like to call her the Barbie Collie, but that run was just not very pretty.  Not pretty at all.  To finish on a good note, my parents put her in a lower class (the 22″) for practice only, and she did really well.  She has the skills, but not the Spring.  So, I’m going to have to give her some big sister tips at our next practice so she can conquer the big jumps next time.  🙂

If you’re wondering how I did…. well you probably already knew I’d do awesome!  We got 2 Q’s out of 4 classes, one of them being the elusive Gamblers Q.  Gamblers is by far the toughest class for us because my dad has to try long distance communication with me (telling me the obstacles to do from far away).  Since he’s not stellar at near-by communication, Gamblers is challenging for us.  But we’ve been practicing a lot, and this weekend it paid off!  Now I’m only 2 Standard Q’s away from my title.  Getting closer!!

Alas, my mom and dad didn’t get any pictures from our Extreme Sports weekend.  My mom said the lighting from the indoor place wasn’t good, and our camera couldn’t keep up so all the pics she took were blurry.  Well all except for this one after my Gamblers Q…

We did it DAD!!!!

And then my mom took these after we got home:

A long day of Extreme Fur Sports makes a tired Lola

Lacie is resting up.... and contemplating how to get some Spring

Sisterly Love

Hellooooo Friday!

You know what that means, interweb humans…. tomorrow is CATURDAY!  And this is a special Caturday because, not only will I be competing an an Extreme Fur Sports event to try to get closer to achieving my Agility Dog title, but Lacie will be competing in her first event EVER!!  Normally I don’t like to encourage people giving Lacie attention, because it takes attention away from me.  But in this case, her agility skills seem directly related to her squirrel detection skills.  And we all know I love her squirrel detection skills.  😀

Off to dominate in Extreme Fur Sports!!

So best of luck to Lacie!  Here’s to hoping she wins a Super-Q or two! 🙂


So, it’s hot out.

And in general I like the heat because that means more water to soak my ears (or whole body) in.  But now that we’re not in California anymore, there’s this weird kind of heat called humidity.  Which I’m now going to rename as Humidi-lame!    It makes me so hot with my fur that I lose the motivation to spring.  Last night we had rah-gility practice, and I was trying my best to jump around, but I just couldn’t get moving as fast as I usually do.  This humidi-lameness is making my days look more like this:

I'm melting... Melllllting!

Luckily our Rah-gility trial this weekend is inside, so I can stay cool and wily.  For now I need to find a large body of water, which my parents have not yet installed inside our apartment.  Fail.  😦


Cupcakes and cuddles

You know what’s great about being a Spaniel?  Your cuteness wins you all sorts of awesome things.  Take last night for example…

My dad was working late, so to show my mom how much he loves her he brought home some giant yummy sugary cupcakes.  Well, he said they were for my mom, but then he left them on the counter.  Which means, they’re FOR ME!!  I gotta say, that strawberry cupcake with a middle filled with chopped up strawberries and icing… excellent choice dad.  It was so good, I spent too much time licking the icing off the counter to nom the second cupcake before my mom came and took it away.  Oh well, I’m sure the strawberry one was better anyway.  🙂

Then, even though my mom was a little mad that I ate her cupcake, I still got to cuddle up next to her in the big dog bed (commonly mistaken for the human bed).  Win!  When you have cute curly ears and big puppy eyes, anything is possible.  😉



Happy Agili-versary

Blog friends!

It’s my one-year anniversary in competing in Extreme Fur Sports!   Can you believe it?  I know, me neither.

Super Extreme Springer Spaniel!

I’m hoping this year I’ll get my official Agility Dog title, so I can join the elite club of Springer Spaniels to do so.   How do you get an Agility Dog title you ask?  Well, in honor of my Agili-versary, I’ll explain to you the complicated world of Extreme Fur Sports.

First thing you need to do to get a title, is to join the Championship titling class of the USDAA (US Dog Agility Assoc).  They will measure you and figure out what height you will compete at.  I measure 19 1/2″ at my shoulder, so I jump at the 22″ height.  If I measured over 22″ I’d jump at the highest height which is 26″.  Lacie is at the 26″ height because she measures in at 22 1/2″.  The most popular height is 22″, so I have a lot of competition, but they go down as low as 8″, so all sorts of dogs can compete.

Then you have to go to agility trials (once you’ve trained on all the obstacles) and compete in a number of different agility sport classes.  There are three different levels you could compete at: Starters, Advanced, and Masters.  Everyone starts in Starters, and when you earn your Agility Dog title you move up to Advanced.  Within each level, the different sport classes are: Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers, Snooker, and Pairs.  To get your Agility Dog title, you have to run a Qualifying round (or Q… which means you ran a clean course under a certain amount of time) in 3 Standard classes, and 1 each of all the other classes.  I currently have Q’s in Jumpers, Snooker, Pairs, and Standard.  So to get my title I need 2 more Q’s in Standard and 1 in Gamblers.

The name of the game is to Q, but it’s also nice to get first place.  When you Q and get a first place, it’s called a Super-Q, and you’ll need these in the Masters level to get some other fancy titles.  I’ve gotten a few Super-Q’s, but at the Starters level, it’s really just an ego boost.  😀

I think my favorite class to run in is Jumpers, because Jumpers just has jumps and tunnels.  No contact obstacles (which are the A-frame, dog walk, and teeter), and no weaves (which really slow me down).  It’s a fast spring-tastic course!

Super-Spring Jumper Class

My second favorite would be Snooker, because a lot of times my dad screws things up but in Snooker it doesn’t always matter.  Hehehehe.  Lacie is competing in her first trial this weekend, and she’s going to do just Jumpers and Snooker.  I bet she’ll love them as much as I do!
Happy Agili-versary!  I hope you all have a fun agile day. 🙂

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