About Lola Coca Cola

Oh hai.

My name is Lola.  I am an English Springer Spaniel, living in America, emphasis on the “Spring.”  I have so many wonderful things inside my head that my mom made me this blog so I could tell you all about them.  I will tell you my story, of how I came to live with my family, and then whenever I am not chasing squirrels or dreaming of geese, I will write to you, interweb humans, on the wonders of being a Springer Spaniel.

Emphasis on the Spring

I was born to my fur mom and dad in sunny Santa Rosa, CA.  I had many fur brothers and sisters who didn’t want to be my friends, so I slept by myself in a corner of my universe.  It was good that none of my fur siblings liked me though, because being alone in the corner is how my human dad noticed me.  And a few weeks later my human aunt picked me up and brought me to my human mom with a bow around my neck.  This caused my human mom to leak water out of her eyes and squeeze me until I had to pee on her.  But she loved me anyway, because really, who doesn’t love me?  If you think you are the sole human alive who can resist my infinite cuddle rays, please comment so below and I will come visit you to clear up the situation.

Cuddle rays, engage!

So, fast forward 3.5 human years, and I now have another fur sister Lacie.  Lacie is a Border Collie, and my human mom says we saved her so I have to be nice to her.  I try.  Really.  But if she doesn’t want to admit I’m the boss and all the toys belong to me, including her (she is a really great toy), then I can get grumpy.  It took a few times of me getting really grumpy for her to see things my way.  But everyone now knows that all toys are mine, even Lacie.

Me and Lacie waiting to compete in extreme fur sports

Extreme fur sports with my human mom

Using my Spring

Lacie and I also do extreme fur sports.  My mom calls it agility, but that word makes my head tilt and I can no longer focus, so I’ll use extreme fur sports.  It’s very fun and I get to run around and use my crazy Springer skills to fly for brief periods of time.  Plus if I fly over everything then I get to nom the fluffy goose.  Win-win.  Some of my other favorite activities are: Springing in the air to catch balls, springing in the air to catch frisbees, springing in the air to lick unsuspecting humans in the face, and chewing on things that are chewable.  You see, inside every Springer Spaniel is the eternal fountain of Spring.  So as long as the Spring can get out, I’m a happy dog.  And if the Spring can’t get out, I have to either be sleeping, eating, or chewing.  When I was younger, I did more chewing than sleeping, but now that I’m not a baby dog (ssh, don’t tell my mom), I sleep more and chew less.  Not that I want to chew less, but if I don’t chew my mom’s shoes, then I get more time outside to Spring. 🙂

So why does a Springer Spaniel need to blog you ask?  Well, why does a human need a blog?  Humans don’t even have eternal fountains of Spring that cause them to move erratically at random moments!   Plus, if I didn’t dictate all these things for my human to write down via an interweb portal (I have no thumbs, so no I’m not ACTUALLY typing this myself), what would her reason for living be?  Besides to touch me.  And throw me the ball.

With that, I must go practice my Spring…. until I lick you (er, write to you) again.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kubby and chloe's mom on April 22, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    lola! so proud of you that you learned to type. can’t wait to see more!

    miss you!



  2. Posted by Sue Lohrer on June 28, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Lola, this is Cooper-u-r-the-best (also known as Coopeeeene the Jumping Bean). We met once at the big green Gil-A-Tee field. I am looking forward to following your blog. My mom doesn’t let me on the puter much.


    • Hi Cooper-u-r-the-best! Glad to see your mom let you use the ‘puter for a bit. My mom leaves me home with a laptop, but it takes me a while to type things out, since I have no thumbs. 🙂


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