People who shouldn’t have dogs

Oh interweb humans.  Normally I’m a fun-loving laid back pup, but today I have an opinion and my mom is always telling me that instead of barking at her I should put my opinions on my blog.  So here goes…

I’m really lucky to have totally awesome parents.  They take me out to play a bunch, teach me new things so I’m always learning, and are pretty responsible dog parents.  What do I mean by responsible?  Well, contrary to popular belief, I probably wouldn’t have an awesome life as a wild dog.  My parents do plenty of things that I don’t care about or notice that make my life totally awesome.  They put flea/tick repellant on me so I don’t get bugs trying to suck my blood out.  They pick up my poop so I don’t step in it and get it all over my bed.  They take me to the Magical Land of Touches for Free to keep me healthy.  They even buy special chew treats to keep my teeth clean.  Lacie and I are healthy and happy dogs without much to complain about.

But not all parents are like my parents.

There are people who live near us that aren’t responsible.  There was a man that didn’t put flea/tick repellent on his dogs, so he ended up getting fleas on other dogs at the dog park and then complaining to management that the other dogs were flea-ridden (which meant he took no blame for his stupidness and the other dog owners got in trouble for nothing).  There are also people that refuse to pick up their dogs’ poop, which means my dad has to spend all our play time picking up poop so we don’t step in it when we fetch.  It is my opinion that these dog parents should not be dog parents at all.  What would people do to a parent that didn’t clean it’s baby’s diaper and let the kid run around covered in poo?  What about a parent who’s kid was covered in bugs and they did nothing about it except to complain that other kids parents were the problem?  Why is it that my parents treat me and Lacie like members of the family, but other parents treat their dogs like objects that need no attention?  It’s annoying.  It’s enough to make me want to bite, not lick, the stupid dog owners out their for their laziness and poop-headedness.  Yes, that is a word.  If it wasn’t before, it is now.


Ok, I’m done with my opinion.  I can only get caught up in human-style drama for short periods of time.  But if you’re a dog owner out there, take a long hard look at how you treat your dog and ask yourself if that’s how you’d like to be treated.  Humans may not always treat other humans with respect, but unless you want to see a Planet of the Dogs come about (I know Lacie has more smarts than an Ape), you best start respecting the pooches.




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