Some Things…

Are hard to let go of!  I know you know what I’m talking about, cuz I think this is a common human affliction.  Just yesterday my mom was getting all weird (and by that I mean she was super clingy and hugging a lot… a behavior that I usually corner the market on) when her best friend from California left.  And though I do these things for different reasons, I can relate to not wanting to let something go.

But why CAN'T I sleep with my glo-ball?

I have particular toys that, once I have them, I don’t want them to be anywhere else.  And by have, I mean in my mouth. Forever.  And ever.

Do you have anything you want to keep with you forever and ever?  If so, make sure to give it a good slobber today.  Because you never know when you won’t have it anymore (or when your dad will take it away)!


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