Doggie dates

This past Caturday was seriously lacking in the doggie adventures (my parents went out on a human adventure and left us behind… the nerve!).

Sitting at home while Mom and Dad have fun = LAME!

But, Mom and Dad did make up for it by having a doggie date last night.   What is a doggie date, you ask?  Well, a doggie date is when two sets of human couples get together for dinner or something, and bring their dogs, so the dogs get to play while the humans chat.  Last night we went to Joe’s house (his parents are Steve and Sandy), and Joe, Lacie and I had a blast!!  We did laps around the kitchen, I destroyed a squirrel (don’t worry, it was a toy one), and Lacie and Joe made out for a little while.  I think Lacie and Joe make a good couple.  And I don’t mind they prefer to play without me, so long as I have a toy to nom.  :).


Thanks Steve and Sandy!  Doggie dates are the best.  Next time maybe you can bring Joe AND a cat… that way I can *play* with the cat, while Lacie and Joe run around.  Hehehehe 🙂



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