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Sometimes life just isn’t fair

Hello blog friends!  The summer has been crazy fun, or “wicked fuhn” if you’re from Boston, so I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much.  Luckily it’s raining today so I can get back in touch with you and all my favorite interweb cat videos. 🙂


I wanted to let you know, that even though I am the cutest animal on the planet, even I don’t always get *everything* that I want.  Sometimes life just isn’t fair and I end up on the short end of the chuck-it stick.  Last night, for example….

Oh woe is me. Lacie stole my bed (again!)

What? You want me to sleep on her bed?!?

You have got to be kidding. Look at it! It's so lumpy and full of Lacie hair!

See how uncomfortable it looks!

I refuse to curl up and fall asleep. Just go to your bed human. I'll sit here an pout till you fall asleep.

Life sucks sometimes.  Luckily I can usually wait for a few minutes and then get what I really want anyway.  Being sly is plan B when being cute fails. 🙂


Some Things…

Are hard to let go of!  I know you know what I’m talking about, cuz I think this is a common human affliction.  Just yesterday my mom was getting all weird (and by that I mean she was super clingy and hugging a lot… a behavior that I usually corner the market on) when her best friend from California left.  And though I do these things for different reasons, I can relate to not wanting to let something go.

But why CAN'T I sleep with my glo-ball?

I have particular toys that, once I have them, I don’t want them to be anywhere else.  And by have, I mean in my mouth. Forever.  And ever.

Do you have anything you want to keep with you forever and ever?  If so, make sure to give it a good slobber today.  Because you never know when you won’t have it anymore (or when your dad will take it away)!

A place of endless wonder

Good morning blog readers!

After long last, I believe I have mastered the interwebs.  For a while there, the keys on the keyboard being so small and me having no thumbs was really slowing me down, but I think I have finally mastered the computer.  Which means I too can spend and infinite amount of hours mindlessly searching the interwebs for stupid cat videos!!   Well, cat videos and also other dog’s blogs.  🙂

Hmmm... which website should I check out next?

I know... the one with the cat in the box!!! Oh if only I had a box.

Do you like my web-surfing attire?  I like to hang out on my bed in my PJs when I’m perusing the interwebs.  It makes me more relaxed.

I’m also trying to figure out how to purchase cheese from the interwebs when my mom is at work.  But I need a dang plastic card with numbers, and my mom always has hers in her purse.  Foiled!

Doggie dates

This past Caturday was seriously lacking in the doggie adventures (my parents went out on a human adventure and left us behind… the nerve!).

Sitting at home while Mom and Dad have fun = LAME!

But, Mom and Dad did make up for it by having a doggie date last night.   What is a doggie date, you ask?  Well, a doggie date is when two sets of human couples get together for dinner or something, and bring their dogs, so the dogs get to play while the humans chat.  Last night we went to Joe’s house (his parents are Steve and Sandy), and Joe, Lacie and I had a blast!!  We did laps around the kitchen, I destroyed a squirrel (don’t worry, it was a toy one), and Lacie and Joe made out for a little while.  I think Lacie and Joe make a good couple.  And I don’t mind they prefer to play without me, so long as I have a toy to nom.  :).


Thanks Steve and Sandy!  Doggie dates are the best.  Next time maybe you can bring Joe AND a cat… that way I can *play* with the cat, while Lacie and Joe run around.  Hehehehe 🙂


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