More stupid things….

I haven’t done a “Stupid Things my Humans Do” post in a while, so today is the day!

I’ve said this before here, but humans put way too much thought into the clothes they put on.  But more than that, they insist on wearing clothes that they don’t want dog drool, mud, or even slightly slobbery water on.  When my mom comes home and sits down on the couch, of course I’m going to put my drooly, wet-eared head in her lap.  So she’s a bit stupid to even attempt sitting down in her nice work clothes.  And yet she does it anyway.  And my dad says things like “Loooola!  You’re getting me all slobbery!”  Well, duh. I’m cuddling with you and I just dunked half my head in the water bowl.  You’re the one who decided to put clothes on!  If you really like to be clean, just strut around in the easiest-to-clean, most water-proof attire…. skin!  🙂


What's with the fancy pants, Mom?


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