Wanted: A little extra Spring

As much as I don’t like to admit how much I like my sister Lacie, she is pretty fantastic as far as sisters go.  She plays with me all day, and doesn’t try to eat me when I paw her head over and over and over again to get her to play.

So when Lacie went to her first Extreme Sports Event this last weekend, and the indoor lights made her 26″ jumps look like enormous venomous monsters, I wanted so bad for her to be half Springer Spaniel so she could leap to victory!  Alas, she is all Border Collie.  So instead of leaping over the scary jumps, she tried jumping through the bars instead.  Then when she got to the triple bar 26-incher, she was so scared she tried crawling in the side of the obstacle and leaping out.  Oh Lacie.  We like to call her the Barbie Collie, but that run was just not very pretty.  Not pretty at all.  To finish on a good note, my parents put her in a lower class (the 22″) for practice only, and she did really well.  She has the skills, but not the Spring.  So, I’m going to have to give her some big sister tips at our next practice so she can conquer the big jumps next time.  🙂

If you’re wondering how I did…. well you probably already knew I’d do awesome!  We got 2 Q’s out of 4 classes, one of them being the elusive Gamblers Q.  Gamblers is by far the toughest class for us because my dad has to try long distance communication with me (telling me the obstacles to do from far away).  Since he’s not stellar at near-by communication, Gamblers is challenging for us.  But we’ve been practicing a lot, and this weekend it paid off!  Now I’m only 2 Standard Q’s away from my title.  Getting closer!!

Alas, my mom and dad didn’t get any pictures from our Extreme Sports weekend.  My mom said the lighting from the indoor place wasn’t good, and our camera couldn’t keep up so all the pics she took were blurry.  Well all except for this one after my Gamblers Q…

We did it DAD!!!!

And then my mom took these after we got home:

A long day of Extreme Fur Sports makes a tired Lola

Lacie is resting up.... and contemplating how to get some Spring


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  1. […] was a first place!  I guess she’s been studying how I jump, because if you remember her last trial recap, it didn’t go so well.  I also got a Q, which means I’m one Qualifying run away from […]


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