So, it’s hot out.

And in general I like the heat because that means more water to soak my ears (or whole body) in.  But now that we’re not in California anymore, there’s this weird kind of heat called humidity.  Which I’m now going to rename as Humidi-lame!    It makes me so hot with my fur that I lose the motivation to spring.  Last night we had rah-gility practice, and I was trying my best to jump around, but I just couldn’t get moving as fast as I usually do.  This humidi-lameness is making my days look more like this:

I'm melting... Melllllting!

Luckily our Rah-gility trial this weekend is inside, so I can stay cool and wily.  For now I need to find a large body of water, which my parents have not yet installed inside our apartment.  Fail.  😦



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