Cupcakes and cuddles

You know what’s great about being a Spaniel?  Your cuteness wins you all sorts of awesome things.  Take last night for example…

My dad was working late, so to show my mom how much he loves her he brought home some giant yummy sugary cupcakes.  Well, he said they were for my mom, but then he left them on the counter.  Which means, they’re FOR ME!!  I gotta say, that strawberry cupcake with a middle filled with chopped up strawberries and icing… excellent choice dad.  It was so good, I spent too much time licking the icing off the counter to nom the second cupcake before my mom came and took it away.  Oh well, I’m sure the strawberry one was better anyway.  🙂

Then, even though my mom was a little mad that I ate her cupcake, I still got to cuddle up next to her in the big dog bed (commonly mistaken for the human bed).  Win!  When you have cute curly ears and big puppy eyes, anything is possible.  😉




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