Thirsty Eyes and an Agility Fail

Hello again my interweb friends!  My apologies for the 2 weeks of radio silence.  I was on summer vacation (or well, my mom was).  But, I can tell you that lots of really awesome things happened while I was not online!

There was a BBQ with our friends Steve, Sandy and Joe (that’s Lacie’s boyfriend).   And you know what happens at BBQs?!?  I get to nom human eats!  Well, not always, but I do give my best “Hungry Eyes.”  And even some “Thirsty Eyes” when called for…

Thirsty Eyes Engage!

Hmmm... is there a catch, or is this for me?

Smells yummy!

Nom, nom, nom...

Too much Thirsty Eyes make for a sleepy Lola.

We also went to an Extreme Fur Sports event!  I did really except for one class where my dad had a mental breakdown and forgot how to communicate with me.  And wouldn’t you know it, but that’s the only class that my mom got on camera.  Mooom!!  Get with the program!  These people want to see me do really well!  You can watch the video below for your entertainment… and example of an agility class gone awry (I even had to stop to ask the judge for directions).

But I will say that later in the day I beat out a number of really fast border collies for a win in Advanced Snooker!  Yes, I got first place, and yes, Advanced is more difficult than Starters.  I’m moving up in my domination.  🙂


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