Oh no they didn’t!

There are few things in this world that make me want to lick humans to death.   And one of them happened today.

Here I was, celebrating that tomorrow is Caturday, walking around with a wiggly rear and trying to lick the lotion off my mom that she just put on.   And then bam!  Mom and dad pick up their coffee mugs, leash up Lacie, and they’re out the door.  WITHOUT ME!  I don’t know where they’re going (if it’s the Magical Land of Touches for Free I may just explode), but there is no reason why I need to be left here.  Alone.

If I had thumbs to operate the phone, and could speak human, I’d report them for animal abuse.  I mean, who is going to play with me all day?!?

I guess I’ll just put on my biggest pouty face, stare out the window, and hope that someone out there saves me from this torture.

Are they back yet? How 'bout now?




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