Stupid things my humans do

Hello!  I hope you’re all having a sun shiny day.  It’s time again this week for a “stupid things my humans do” post!  I get so excited about these.  My humans do some seriously silly things, so it’s fun when I get to share.

This weekend my mom spent a few hours trying to clean some dirty spots out of our carpet, and my dad tried extra hard to towel Lacie and I off completely after each of our dog park visits to get the water and dirt off.   This ritual happens every week or two.  Why, oh why, if you want to keep the floor so clean do you insist Lacie and I stay inside all day?  The dirt is outside, and we like the dirt.  So if you want to keep the dirt outside, just let us hang out outside!  Oh humans.

My mom also spent some time this weekend cleaning and fluffing up the “dog bed.”  Hello!  No dogs actually sleep on the “dog bed.”  We just wait there till you close your eyes and then get on our real bed.  Which just happens to be the one you are also occupying.  😀



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