Hello, and happy middle of the week (or as I like to call it, halfway to Caturday)!

I was going to do another “Stupid things my humans do” post, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.  Today I want to talk about the Chupacabra!  You know, that thing in the really cold part of the fridge that makes creepy noises?  It’s inside where my dad gets yummy ice cubes from.  If not for the fact that I think it produces the yummy ice cubes (which are fun to nom), I would sic Lacie and her enormous brain on it to figure out how to get the Chupacabra out and kill it.

But I love chomping on ice!  So instead, whenever the Chupacabra wakes up and makes it’s creepy noises, I just bark at it and then cuddle up with my dad.  You gotta get really close on these cuddles, the more touching, the safer you are from the Chupacabra.  It’s so scary!!

Is it over? Can I come out?

Can you humans please work on something that gives me ice, but that doesn’t have  a Chupacabra inside?  Should be a simple invention, right?

K thx bai.



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