Love Caturday, hate Monday

I had such a fantabulous weekend human friends!

We did all sorts of cool dog things which totally made up for the lack of cuddles last week.  We went to the Fells and did lots of exploring and swimming and frolicking with other dogs.  And we did some agility practice near my mom’s work.  It was a really great Caturday weekend (and my mom will post pictures of the awesomeness as soon as she downloads them from our camera).

But then the weekend was over.  😦

I hate Mondays.  Almost as much as I hate celery.  It’s not tasty, and humans try to add stuff to it to make it tolerable, but it still sucks.  That’s how I feel about Monday.  I tried to block the hallway when my mom was leaving for work.

Hallway toll is one extra Caturday

Why can’t we make a Caturday out of a Monday?  But she still left.  I guess I’ll have to go torment Lacie by touching her tail with my paw over and over and over again until she plays with me.  (she hates that)  🙂


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