Super-still focus skillz

It’s raining.  Again.  And, as much as I love, love, LOVE water… rain means my mom and dad won’t let me practice my Extreme Fur Sports.  Hmph.

So instead, I’m practicing my super-still focus skillz.  You see, while most of you humans think books and classes and silly gatherings of other humans (which I think you call “university”) is the way to get smart, dogs know better.  You see, dogs are born smart, but we don’t always know how smart we are right away.  So we spend time in our early dog years realizing all the infinite doggy wisdom in the universe by doing our super-still focusing.

When I get really deep into focusing, I even start to make  my epiphany noises.  Which may sound to the untrained ear like a human snore machine.   And any human observer might guess that I’m sleeping.  But no!  I’m uncovering awesome knowledge of the cosmos locked away inside my little furry head!

Did you know that the Razzmataz Galaxy (or NGC 6872 to you humans) has two tails?  I’m so jealous!!

Uncovering the Answer to Whirrled Peas



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