Stupid Things

Oh hai.

I’m having my first blog-dog writer’s block today.  I can’t figure out what to share with you!  I’ve seen some human blogs that my mom looks at, and to keep their daily posts going they write about what they ate that day, or what exercise they did.  But I’m pretty sure after two or three days of “And today I had another bowl of my grain-free high-protein doggie kibble…”  or “Morning workout: Frolicing.  Evening workout: Fetch,”  you’d all move on with your lives and find some other way to not do the jobs you’re being paid to do.

Some blogs have special days where they write about the same topic.  Like my mom’s best friend S has a shoes-day Tuesday.   I could do a Chews-day Tuesday!  But then I’d have to get my mom to photograph my weekly toy destruction and I prefer that to remain undocumented.

Ooo… I’ve got it!  I’ll do a weekly “stupid things my humans do” post!  That’s perfect!  It’s like when humans write lovingly about their kids or something like that.  Alright, here goes:

Stupid Things My Humans Do, Post #1

Today my mom said she was getting tired of eating leftovers from our weekend BBQ.  Hello!  You’re tired of hotdogs? And salsa chicken?  How bout you switch to my high-protein kibble for some “variety” and I’ll eat your hot dogs.

And, this morning my dad set the alarm and then tried to go back to sleep after it went off.  Ahahahaha!  No way are Lacie and I not leaping out of bed to nudge, lick, and squeal at our humans to get them up after that alarm goes off.

Silly, silly humans.



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