Hot Dogs and Hungry Eyes

Good morning happy humans!

Or at least I’m assuming you’re happy on this fun sunny Monday.  And I’m happy, so let’s just pretend everyone is happy. 🙂

This weekend was so much fun!  My mom didn’t take any pictures of the crazy time wiliness, but I will try to explain in as much detail as possible and you can use your inventive imaginations.

To further celebrate my mom’s birthday (I know I know, it was last week sometime, but she likes to celebrate getting old.  A lot.) my dad put together a fun BBQ in the clubhouse of our apartment.  And guess who was on the guest list?  Me!  Well, and Lacie too.  Usually when I go to parties I spend the whole time doing laps and getting pet (I’m a social butterfly), but at this party my dad put together and enormous amount of food.  I’d say there were about 20 humans there, but he made enough food for like 50 humans.  So naturally I felt compelled to help out in the consumption of the deliciousness.  Here is what was on the menu:

– Chicken tacos

– Carne Asada tacos

– Chips and Salsa and Guacamole

– Eggplant parmesan panini sandwiches

– Corn on the cob

– And last but not least… Chicago-style hot dogs.

And of course there was also dessert in the form of brownies, strawberry short cake, cheese cake, and grilled peaches topped with coconut and vanilla ice cream.  I think even the humans thought they had died and gone to heaven.  I gotta say, when my dad cooks, he really goes all out!

Once I did my first lap or two at the party and got in enough pets to satisfy my need for touches for the day, I staked out a spot by the table with all the food on it and did my best “Hungry Eyes.”  Lacie also joined me in operation Hot Dog, and we were a force to be reckoned with!  Lacie ended up getting fed 3 hot dogs and some chicken from the tacos.  And I got 2 hot dogs + chicken.  Lacie got a head start on me because she didn’t do any socializing first.   Plus, we had so much leftover food that yesterday we got to practice agility with hot dogs for rewards.  Mmmm… hot dogs.  Which ever human came up with that brilliant invention gets a star in my book.  A+!

So now, Lacie and I are lounging around on this Monday morning, trying to figure out how best to digest all this wonderfulness.

Resting and Digesting


I’ll end this post with Happy Dog-Dad day shout out to the most wonderful, fun source of amazing food on the planet.  I hope he’s having a hot dog-tastic day!


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