The Utility of Sleeping

You may know by now (if you’ve been reading along for a while) that I have an extreme amount of energy.  It’s like there’s some crazy sub-atomic supernova inside me, and it can’t get out!   So to keep my head from exploding, I wiggle and run and lick and jump, ALL DAY LONG.  But I do sleep.  Eventually.  Although it’s not really because I’m tired…


You see, I really like to be touching my humans.   Pretty much as much as I like breathing.  And licking.  It makes me soooo happy.  If I were a super hero dog, touching would be the source of my crazy super powers.  But it’s hard to be touching when I move around so much, and when they’re also moving around.  Which means after a long day of running and jumping and not touching them, all I want to do is be next to them.  In constant contact.  And when they are still and sleeping is the easiest time to get my much needed full body cuddles on.

Cuddles, engage!

I am convinced that this cuddling is what refuels my inner supernova (because I really am a super hero dog… in disguise!),  not actually going to sleep (which is for weaker animals than me).  So it’s a good thing I have such cuddle experts for parents.  Otherwise, the world would surely be overrun with cats and squirrels.    🙂


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