Oh heck No

Please tell me I was imagining things when I looked at my blog today and saw that Lacie had posted something yesterday.  I had to have a *talk* with her that looked like this:

Cage match to prove whose posts are better

There is an order to how things happen at Casa Shestopalov, and it does not include Lacie being in charge of the computer!   Ok, now that we’re all clear about that… I can tell you that I will do my best to keep her from hacking into the blog again.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t get some squirrels to distract me.  That dang Professor!
Now that I’m back in charge I can tell you that I’ve been working extra hard on my cuteness skillz.  Lacie is all concerned with calculating in her head the probability of my mom knocking some cut up cheese onto the floor, but I don’t concern myself with all that.  If you’re cute enough, everything is 100% possible.  🙂

So here’s my new cute pose.   I call it the *Laser Beam*.

You will melt into a puddle of gooey cuddles



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