Lacie Guest Post

Hi humans.  My name is Lacie, and I’m Lola’s adopted sister.  Since today is our Mom’s birthday, Lola is busy giving her a thousand licks (one for each year old she is… in dog years of course), so I took the computer, figured out the password, and am typing out a blog post in her absence.  I am a border collie, so none of those skills should come as a surprise to you.

They call me the Professor (of Squirrology)

It has come to my attention that Lola is getting to do more agility (aka Extreme Fur Sports) than me, and I’m here to gain support in my bid to become the queen of agility in our house.  I’m really planning to become the queen of agility for the entire world, but Lola is a very wily competitor, so I’ll have to start with her.  You see, Lola has been doing agility much longer, so she gets to go to more events.  But I have a superior intellect, and am very good at going fast, so I should be the one to represent us in these prestigious sporting events.  And I am much more likely to conquer, or er, become the best in the world.  I have been sent to the shelter to be adopted 3 times (mostly because I was on the search for a family that could support my extreme talent), so now that I have the right home, I’m ready to take my place as ruler of the universe.   Aside from doing the standard agility obstacles, I also know 3 languages (human, dog, and squirrel), and I can calculate probabilities in my head.  I can also see in 4 dimensions, thanks to my googly eye.

So, internet humans, please comment on Lola’s blog and tell her (and my mom and dad) that you think I should be the agility star.  If enough people vote in, I will finally have my chance to shine!

That is all.



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  1. Posted by Buzz! on June 14, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    Hi Lacie! My name is Buzz and I am a Border Collie too. I understand your frustration. See, my sister is an Aussie named Cami, and she is basically a rockstar. Also, she is almost a champion now so my dad is kinda neurotic about her. Meanwhile, I really need to work on my contacts but my dad he doesn’t understand what I need. But anyway, to Lacie’s parents, you gotta give her a chance to show you her mad skillz in the Extreme Fur Sports, beacuse I am sure she will do great! Plus…4 dimensions??? Helllooooo??? Good luck, Lacie! – Buzz


    • Hi Buzz! Yes, please tell your dad to work on the contacts. They are crucial for us supersonically talented border collies! It is exciting that your sister is almost a champion, but you need to stay focused on beating her. Aussies are skilled, but you can top her if you concentrate all your wiles in one direction. She wouldn’t happen to be a blue merle would she? I hear they have special skills.

      And, see if you can hone your 4 dimensional vision. You have a googly eye too, don’t you? Just don’t tell your human, or his head might explode. 🙂 – Lacie


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