The best present

Good morning humans who find me irresistible!

I had a fantastic weekend.  My mom was off in California visiting her family, so my dad took us on all sorts of adventures.  We got to go to Cat Rock park where we went swimming.  And we went to the Fells, where I found a really really awesome present for my mom.  I told you Friday that her birthday is coming up (it’s tomorrow), and I was thinking all day and night, trying to figure out what to get her.  Well, at the Fells, Lacie and I just happened to find a really awesome, super smelly dead fish!  Can you THINK of a better gift!?!

I was all set to bring it home with us, but then my dad intervened and said I couldn’t put the fish in my mouth.  So obviously the next best thing would be to roll around all over the dead fish, to get that super awesome dead fish smell all over my fur.  I knew my mom would just love my new perfume!

Alas, I was thwarted yet again… when we got home my dad gave me a bath.  Boo!  How am I supposed to put my new perfume all over mom’s pillow if I get a bath?  And I was running out of time to get her something before she got back.  It looked like she was gonna go her whole birthday without a gift from her favorite furry animals.

I was just about to give up on having something picked out by the time we picked my mom up from the airport last night, when my dad finally came through to help us out.  He found some red ribbon (not unlike the kind I was wrapped up in when I first met my mom as a puppy), and wrapped me and Lacie in the ribbon.

My dad is so smart.  Of course the best present my mom could ever get would be cuddling with me and Lacie.  🙂

I also have to give a special shout out to my mom’s best friend S who lives in California.  I was totally planning on getting my mom a Coach purse if the dead fish didn’t work out, but S beat me to it.  Way to go S!  Tis a very pretty human present.   😉

Happy Birfday!

Lacie wrapped up



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