Livin’ for the weekend

I don’t have a job interweb humans.

Although I’ve told you what kind of jobs I may be good at here, I don’t actually go to work.  But I am stuck at home all day long with only a few toys and a Lacie to play with, so when the weekend (aka Caturday) comes around, I get all sorts of happy.

Caturday, here I come!

It’s not just that I get out of the house on the weekend, but usually our adventures takes us to really cool places.  Sometimes we go to the Fells, or Cat Rock Park (where, incidentally there are no Cats… boo!)   And sometimes we go to compete in Extreme Fur Sports.  But the best part about Caturday is that I am the center of the universe for longer than usual.  So even though I don’t torture my self by trying to sit still in some office somewhere (me, not wiggling?  That sounds cruel and unusual), I still live for the weekends.

And this weekend my Mom is going to visit her family in California, so I’m sure my Dad will be lonely and need extra cuddles and play time.  Excellent. 🙂

Party on, happy people!  Enjoy your Caturday!


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