Humans who act like their pets

I am feeling very philosophical today.  (Yes dogs can be philosophical… haven’t you seen “All Dogs Go to Heaven?”  And don’t give me any lip about it being a cartoon.  It’s very accurate!)

So last night my mom was having all sorts of anxiety and stress.  Luckily it was agility practice night, so she got to run around and get her crazies out with Lacie.  But it got me to thinking about how humans have very similar personalities to their animals.  And, no that doesn’t mean I’ve got all kinds of anxiety (to be honest, I’m not even sure what that word means).  I have two parents, and I happen to be just like the one who’s very wily.

My mom, however is very similar to Lacie, who just happens to be a border collie.  Have you ever seen the move “Babe?”  (I don’t know why I’m getting into human movies right now.  The TV is on a lot at our house, so I know a lot about your silly pop culture.)  Well in the movie, there are a lot of border collies and they obsess about getting the sheep to go where the sheep need to go.  I personally would just like to chase the sheep, and scatter them about before maybe wrestling with them.  But obviously I’m not a border collie.

Well, Lacie doesn’t have any sheep.  So instead, she worries about all sorts of other things, like is mom going to get up at 6a or 6:04a?  If mom doesn’t turn on the TV while making dinner does that mean she’s leaving us after she eats?  If mom brushes her teeth and doesn’t come to bed is the world ending?  You see where I’m going with this.  Well it turns out my mom is very much like that too.   So it makes some sense that my dad was the one who picked me out of my litter (he was barely able to focus long enough before saying “Ooo.. Squirrel!”), and my mom went on a diligent search that ended in finding one crazy-in-the-head border collie.  And what’s also weird is that Lacie is a bi-polar border collie who both worries about everything and can also get very lazy.  Now, I’m not gonna call my mom lazy, but did I mention already how much the TV is on in our house?

It’s all some weird cosmic pairing I think.  They’re like the same animal only one is a human and one has fur.  And they’re both my toys.

And now my head hurts.  Enough philosophy doctoring for one day… I’m gonna go see if I can find any more trail mix under the couch…


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