How to train your Human (for dummys)

I have very well-trained humans, and many times I get stopped at the dog park or out on the trail and asked, “Lola, how on earth did you train your humans so well?”  It’s easy really.  Humans are very simple animals and have very simple needs.  Kinda like border collies.  They like things in order (or at least my mom does), so if you just threaten to disrupt that order, the training comes along naturally.

For example, we live in an apartment with no yard.  We used to have a yard and doggy door in CA, but it’s hard to find a place like that in Boston I guess.  So even though I’m fully aware that the potty place is outside on the grass (I’m not a puppy anymore… duh), my mom was scared that I’d forget, so she put a bell on the door.  See, my mom doesn’t trust me to be smart enough not to potty in the house, but she does trust me to be smart enough to ring a bell with my nose only when I need to potty.  Simple animals I tell you.

Ring the bell...

And look like you have to potty

Now, of course I know how to ring the bell, but I use the bell anytime I want to go outside.  If I see kids playing, I ring the bell.  If someone is cooking on the bbq and dripping yummy goodness on the ground, I ring the bell.  If there’s a giant flying bug that I’d like to play with until it stops moving, I ring the bell.  And since my mom doesn’t speak Lola… she has no idea why I ring the bell until I get outside.  Training complete!

Now this applies to a lot of other areas too.  It’s all about motivation.   My humans are trained to get up at 5:45a because Lacie and I tag team nudging and licking them.   The humans take us out to play a minimum of twice a day, and they take us out for potty times even more often.  And the humans give us all sorts of treats when we don’t run away.  It’s so easy, like taking candy from a puppy!

Do you have any stories of well-trained humans?  I’m always looking to add to my bag of tricks on what I can get mine to do.  🙂


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