Home, home on the blog

Hello interweb human pets!  It’s been so long!


My mom went on a “work” trip, so no one was home to type my blog for me.  I tried to do it myself, but it takes so long!  After 3 words I decided it was more fun to try to reach trail mix pieces under the couch that my mom missed with the vacuum.  But now that my mom is home, I can come hang out with you on the interwebs again!!!

I actually just had a fantastic extended Caturday.  One of my human aunts came to visit and brought a friend who just lurved me.  I got extra cuddles and extra pets all weekend (it was like the Magical Land of Touches for Free at my HOUSE).  And then when my mom and dad went back to work, I still had human friends to lick and play with all day.  Score!  AND my mom got me some Peanut Butter and Pumpkin doggie treats from a blog bake sale online (see, she’s more trained than you thought she was), and they’re sooooooo delicious.  I convinced her that I wouldn’t stand still for my haircut unless she fed me those yummy treats at regular intervals.  Little wiggles can go a long way at my house.  🙂

So, I’ve got treats, and a new haircut (complete with tail flag), and it’s so warm out that there is endless water at the dog park to soak my ears in.  Life is pretty awesome.   And I’ve got another Extreme Fur Sports day coming up next Caturday!  My plan is to use my patented “wiggle propulsion” to shame all the border collies.  Time to go practice by chasing Lacie around the house….

Wiggle ON!



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