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Stupid things my humans do

Hello!  I hope you’re all having a sun shiny day.  It’s time again this week for a “stupid things my humans do” post!  I get so excited about these.  My humans do some seriously silly things, so it’s fun when I get to share.

This weekend my mom spent a few hours trying to clean some dirty spots out of our carpet, and my dad tried extra hard to towel Lacie and I off completely after each of our dog park visits to get the water and dirt off.   This ritual happens every week or two.  Why, oh why, if you want to keep the floor so clean do you insist Lacie and I stay inside all day?  The dirt is outside, and we like the dirt.  So if you want to keep the dirt outside, just let us hang out outside!  Oh humans.

My mom also spent some time this weekend cleaning and fluffing up the “dog bed.”  Hello!  No dogs actually sleep on the “dog bed.”  We just wait there till you close your eyes and then get on our real bed.  Which just happens to be the one you are also occupying.  😀




Hello, and happy middle of the week (or as I like to call it, halfway to Caturday)!

I was going to do another “Stupid things my humans do” post, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.  Today I want to talk about the Chupacabra!  You know, that thing in the really cold part of the fridge that makes creepy noises?  It’s inside where my dad gets yummy ice cubes from.  If not for the fact that I think it produces the yummy ice cubes (which are fun to nom), I would sic Lacie and her enormous brain on it to figure out how to get the Chupacabra out and kill it.

But I love chomping on ice!  So instead, whenever the Chupacabra wakes up and makes it’s creepy noises, I just bark at it and then cuddle up with my dad.  You gotta get really close on these cuddles, the more touching, the safer you are from the Chupacabra.  It’s so scary!!

Is it over? Can I come out?

Can you humans please work on something that gives me ice, but that doesn’t have  a Chupacabra inside?  Should be a simple invention, right?

K thx bai.


Frolicking — We’re doin it right

After my mom worked a really long day yesterday, I finally convinced her to download all the pics from Caturday to share with you.  Enjoy!  🙂

Forest of Frolicking (aka the Fells)

What? Yes I'm wet... I went swimming. So what?

Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball!

Lacie, where are you running to? Fetch is over here!

Haha, beat ya!

Perfect catch!




Love Caturday, hate Monday

I had such a fantabulous weekend human friends!

We did all sorts of cool dog things which totally made up for the lack of cuddles last week.  We went to the Fells and did lots of exploring and swimming and frolicking with other dogs.  And we did some agility practice near my mom’s work.  It was a really great Caturday weekend (and my mom will post pictures of the awesomeness as soon as she downloads them from our camera).

But then the weekend was over.  😦

I hate Mondays.  Almost as much as I hate celery.  It’s not tasty, and humans try to add stuff to it to make it tolerable, but it still sucks.  That’s how I feel about Monday.  I tried to block the hallway when my mom was leaving for work.

Hallway toll is one extra Caturday

Why can’t we make a Caturday out of a Monday?  But she still left.  I guess I’ll have to go torment Lacie by touching her tail with my paw over and over and over again until she plays with me.  (she hates that)  🙂

A memo to my human friends

Dear human friends,

Please stop socializing with my parents.  Or at least scale it back a little.

I know my mom and dad get happies when they have fun play time with other humans, but they’ve gone out almost every night this week!  I’m seriously deficient in my cuddle time.

This is not a drill!  Put down your evite.  Slowly back away from the text you were about to send them.  Caturday is just around the corner, and if I have to spend one more evening in the dark, staring out the window with Lacie, someone may just get licked.  To death.

That is all.

♥ Lola

Super-still focus skillz

It’s raining.  Again.  And, as much as I love, love, LOVE water… rain means my mom and dad won’t let me practice my Extreme Fur Sports.  Hmph.

So instead, I’m practicing my super-still focus skillz.  You see, while most of you humans think books and classes and silly gatherings of other humans (which I think you call “university”) is the way to get smart, dogs know better.  You see, dogs are born smart, but we don’t always know how smart we are right away.  So we spend time in our early dog years realizing all the infinite doggy wisdom in the universe by doing our super-still focusing.

When I get really deep into focusing, I even start to make  my epiphany noises.  Which may sound to the untrained ear like a human snore machine.   And any human observer might guess that I’m sleeping.  But no!  I’m uncovering awesome knowledge of the cosmos locked away inside my little furry head!

Did you know that the Razzmataz Galaxy (or NGC 6872 to you humans) has two tails?  I’m so jealous!!

Uncovering the Answer to Whirrled Peas


Stupid Things

Oh hai.

I’m having my first blog-dog writer’s block today.  I can’t figure out what to share with you!  I’ve seen some human blogs that my mom looks at, and to keep their daily posts going they write about what they ate that day, or what exercise they did.  But I’m pretty sure after two or three days of “And today I had another bowl of my grain-free high-protein doggie kibble…”  or “Morning workout: Frolicing.  Evening workout: Fetch,”  you’d all move on with your lives and find some other way to not do the jobs you’re being paid to do.

Some blogs have special days where they write about the same topic.  Like my mom’s best friend S has a shoes-day Tuesday.   I could do a Chews-day Tuesday!  But then I’d have to get my mom to photograph my weekly toy destruction and I prefer that to remain undocumented.

Ooo… I’ve got it!  I’ll do a weekly “stupid things my humans do” post!  That’s perfect!  It’s like when humans write lovingly about their kids or something like that.  Alright, here goes:

Stupid Things My Humans Do, Post #1

Today my mom said she was getting tired of eating leftovers from our weekend BBQ.  Hello!  You’re tired of hotdogs? And salsa chicken?  How bout you switch to my high-protein kibble for some “variety” and I’ll eat your hot dogs.

And, this morning my dad set the alarm and then tried to go back to sleep after it went off.  Ahahahaha!  No way are Lacie and I not leaping out of bed to nudge, lick, and squeal at our humans to get them up after that alarm goes off.

Silly, silly humans.


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