Let the Extreme Fur Sports Begin!

Oh interweb humans.  I had the bestest Caturday EVER last week.  Not only did I get to compete in Extreme Fur Sports, but I won (beating out a border collie no less) twice!  It turns out I get going a lot faster when I’m not looking around on the ground for squirrel scents and misplaced treats.  Who knew?  Oh, and I get a lot of cheese when I go faster.  A lot.  It seems all the training I’ve been giving my dad has paid off.  Not only is he getting much better at telling me which order to do the obstacles in, but he’s getting really great at giving me tons of cheese all day.  Win!

For those of you who don’t do extreme fur sports, the way it works is we have to go to training classes and practice a lot so my human can figure out how to tell me things.  Then the competition is basically who goes over the obstacles fastest (or really, who’s human doesn’t screw up and then which dog is fastest after that).  I have to give my dad some credit, because he didn’t mess up at all, which means we beat some really wily border collies.  Excellent!  Did you know that in the history of agility, only 84 Springer Spaniels have gotten an Agility Dog Title, out of 11,102 dogs.  That’s less than 1%!  (yes I am a dog that knows math… which makes me smarter than 20% of you humans)  So I will be a special dog indeed when I finish my title.  Maybe I can hang it up next to my mom’s certificate of philosophy doctoring.

And now some more pics from Caturday…

Coming down from the Lookie-Loo Climb (aka the A-Frame)

Teeter Time!

Super Pup through the tire

Celebrating a most awesome run

I show you my prize

Winners get extra cuddles


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Lola's dad on May 17, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Lola has some serious happies in these pics


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