Training humans is hard to do

I know, I know, you all want to know how I did at my extreme fur sports last Caturday.  And I soooo want to tell you!  But my mom is too busy “working” to put the pictures she took of me on the interwebs.  And I have to have the pictures to tell you all about it, because they are really awesome at showing how well I do at extreme fur sports.

One of these days I should take my mom to a training class for humans, because she has selective listening when it comes to doing what I want, and I really need to change that.  It started out it was just when she was watching her TV shows that she would ignore me.  But now her bad habits of being lazy and “working” instead of doing cool dog mom things are way out of control.  I’ve got my dad well trained, but my mom is a whole ‘nother story.  Are any of you interweb humans certified to do human training?  I will pay you in licks, and possibly, maybe cheese.  But only if you figure out how to get my mom to obey doggie wants even when the TV is on.

For now I will go play kung-fu wrestle games with my Lacie.  Turns out she no longer has the lazy sickness, and is back to being my trusty daytime toy.  I guess this means no more trips to the Magical Land of Touches for Free.  But I think I’d rather have my wrestle friend anyway.


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