Happy dog mom day

I’m not sure why humans have holidays.  Maybe an excuse to behave like a dog, displaying all sorts of Happy with reckless abandon?  Either way, yesterday was Happy Mom day, so I wanted to tell the wide world of interweb humans just how cool my human mom is.  First of all, she’s an excellent snuggler…

Mom luvs snuggle time

Second, she loves to dress me up in all sorts of fashionable attire that I can wear around the house till I decide to nom on it.

I will walk the cat walk... wait, are there CATS on that walk?!?

And third, she loves to take me and Lacie on awesome trips to doggie play lands.

Perfect place to practicing my Spring!

So if you have a cool mom like me, I hope you gave her some licks yesterday.   She may not be furry, but my mom is the coolest. 🙂

Me and my mom


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