Humans get the crazies too

Riddle me this interweb non-dogs:

Why do so many humans I meet give me a quizzical look that says “what the heck is that dog thinking?”  They don’t look at other humans like that.  Why don’t they try to put themselves in my position?  Give it the ol’ ‘What Would Lola Do (WWLD)’?  Step into my paws?  Why?  Because they think they’re way too different to even begin to comprehend what I’m thinking.

But you know, interweb humans, you and I are not really that different.  We both love to eat.  And nap in the sun.  And everyone knows humans love a good cuddle.  So really the only difference between us, besides your fur being so thin and lackluster, is that I’ve got crazies in my head and you are so logical.  Or are you?  Not so fast, oh “logical” humans… I have proof that humans get the crazies too!

1) Why do humans spontaneously run in place on crazy machines that go nowhere with no squirrel or goose in front of them for motivation?  That’s WEIRD!

2) Humans keep all sorts of delicious noms in their homes… like peanut butter, and cheese… but then they try to combine these perfect wonder foods with weird stuff like celery and lettuce.  What gives?  Give me an opposeable thumb to open that cabinet and you’ll see what logic looks like.

3) Humans get all excited when they see other humans without clothes, but then they spend sooooo much time picking out the clothes they put on.  No one cares what the clothes look like.  It makes no sense!

4) And the craziest of all crazy things that humans do?  They have all sorts of stupid emotions other than Happy… like Sad.  Why?  Do these emotions help them catch squirrels?  Nope.  Do they make other humans want to play with them.  No.  Do human emotions make peanut butter magically appear (because that would be a perfectly logical explanation for such a habit)?  NO!

I’m telling you, there’s gotta be some crazy goin on in the human head for that to happen. You should see what happens to my mom when she needs a cookie.  It makes Lacie without exercise look like a sleeping baby.  CA-RAy-Zee time.


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