Lacie is not so bad

I’m really glad Lacie can’t read.  Cuz if she knew I actually liked having her around, all kinds of bad things would happen.  Like she’d start to think some of my toys were ok to play with.  Or she’d think she’s not actually one of my toys herself.

But I can tell you interweb humans that Lacie is actually a pretty cool dog.   You all can read, but you don’t speak Lacie, so there’s no risk in it getting back to her.

Lacie is cool because she has all sorts of crazy in her head, so we get along really well.  And she’s also really great at playing double-dog-fetch.  And chasing squirrels (even Magical ones!)  I even taught her to be malleable like a spaniel so we can couch cuddle together!

Lola-Lacie Pretzel

But the most awesomest thing about Lacie is that she’s with me all the time.  She’s my permanent play friend, and she only snarls at me every once in a while.  (my mom snarls at me way more often).  So thank you, and many licks, to the dog shelter in California for giving me such a great permanent play friend.

If you interweb humans are lonely, you should think about getting your own permanent play friend from a dog shelter.  And if you do, make sure they’ve gone to the University of Squirrology like Lacie, cuz that will come in super handy when the Magical Sunshine hits your neighborhood.

P.S., If you’re thinking of learning to speak Lacie so you can spill the beans about how much I like having her around, just know that I’m highly skilled in springing and licking, and I have a very good nose for sniffing out naughty humans.  😉


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