Magical Sunshine

Hellooo interweb humans!

So sorry I have been away from my blog.  The snow is melted at our new home, and the sunshine is out which means my mom has been refusing to be by her computer to help type my posts.  Don’t worry, I’m practicing to write my own posts from now on.  But it takes a loooot of practice to type with paws.

Learning 2 Type

But, I’m here to tell you about the coolest thing EVER about my new home.  It’s the Magical Sunshine!  The sunshine in California was pretty cool, but the sunshine here has MAGICAL properties.  And once I tell you what it can do, you’re gonna go as crazy as Lacie after 2 days of couch rest (the vets at the Magical Land of Touches for Free said she can’t run for 2 weeks, so I think her crazy is gonna reach a new level of awesome soon).   I hope you’re sitting down, because the sunshine here in Boston… Makes SQUIRRELS!!  Did you ever hear of anything so fantastic in your life?!?  When we first moved here there were no squirrels.  My mom just said, “Oh well, I guess our new home doesn’t have squirrels.”  There were none around.  Plenty of birds (and lots of geese), but no squirrels.  But then the sunshine came and melted all the snow and it got warm out and they just appeared from NOWHERE.  Squirrels and chipmunks all over the place.  It’s like Lacie and I died and went to doggie heaven.   In her spare time she’s been teaching me all she knows about squirrels (she’s known as the Professor of Squirrology), and I know as soon as she’s allowed to run around we’re gonna go CRAZY on those magical squrriels.  CA-RA-ZY.  I love magical sunshine.  It’s the best!


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  1. Posted by Lola's dad on May 2, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    best picture ever!


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