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Head in a Box Day

Ever have a day where you feel like your head is stuck in a box?

What was I looking in here again?

Today is that day for me.  I made cuddly eyes at my dad so he wouldn’t go to work, and he still went.  I tried to play with Lacie, but she wants to sleep.  Even the sky outside is dark and gloomy (which canceled Rah-gility practice this week!).  Nothing is going my way!  I need some small child to lick, or possibly a spoon covered in Peanut Butter.  Any of you interweb humans have a spare Peanut Butter covered spoon?  Or an opposable thumb I could borrow to get some for myself?



Let the Extreme Fur Sports Begin!

Oh interweb humans.  I had the bestest Caturday EVER last week.  Not only did I get to compete in Extreme Fur Sports, but I won (beating out a border collie no less) twice!  It turns out I get going a lot faster when I’m not looking around on the ground for squirrel scents and misplaced treats.  Who knew?  Oh, and I get a lot of cheese when I go faster.  A lot.  It seems all the training I’ve been giving my dad has paid off.  Not only is he getting much better at telling me which order to do the obstacles in, but he’s getting really great at giving me tons of cheese all day.  Win!

For those of you who don’t do extreme fur sports, the way it works is we have to go to training classes and practice a lot so my human can figure out how to tell me things.  Then the competition is basically who goes over the obstacles fastest (or really, who’s human doesn’t screw up and then which dog is fastest after that).  I have to give my dad some credit, because he didn’t mess up at all, which means we beat some really wily border collies.  Excellent!  Did you know that in the history of agility, only 84 Springer Spaniels have gotten an Agility Dog Title, out of 11,102 dogs.  That’s less than 1%!  (yes I am a dog that knows math… which makes me smarter than 20% of you humans)  So I will be a special dog indeed when I finish my title.  Maybe I can hang it up next to my mom’s certificate of philosophy doctoring.

And now some more pics from Caturday…

Coming down from the Lookie-Loo Climb (aka the A-Frame)

Teeter Time!

Super Pup through the tire

Celebrating a most awesome run

I show you my prize

Winners get extra cuddles

Training humans is hard to do

I know, I know, you all want to know how I did at my extreme fur sports last Caturday.  And I soooo want to tell you!  But my mom is too busy “working” to put the pictures she took of me on the interwebs.  And I have to have the pictures to tell you all about it, because they are really awesome at showing how well I do at extreme fur sports.

One of these days I should take my mom to a training class for humans, because she has selective listening when it comes to doing what I want, and I really need to change that.  It started out it was just when she was watching her TV shows that she would ignore me.  But now her bad habits of being lazy and “working” instead of doing cool dog mom things are way out of control.  I’ve got my dad well trained, but my mom is a whole ‘nother story.  Are any of you interweb humans certified to do human training?  I will pay you in licks, and possibly, maybe cheese.  But only if you figure out how to get my mom to obey doggie wants even when the TV is on.

For now I will go play kung-fu wrestle games with my Lacie.  Turns out she no longer has the lazy sickness, and is back to being my trusty daytime toy.  I guess this means no more trips to the Magical Land of Touches for Free.  But I think I’d rather have my wrestle friend anyway.

I’m getting the squirmies!

Can you believe it, interweb humans??  Tomorrow is Caturday!  And not just any Caturday, but a Caturday that will involve me going to compete in Extreme Fur Sports.  Hurray!!  Just thinking about it is totally giving me a case of the squirmies. 😀

My mom has promised to take lots of photos, so I will be sure to jump extra high and wiggle through the poles extra fast.  I’m pretty awesome at wiggling.  But just in case you can’t wait til then (I Know!  I can’t EITHER!), here are some other photos of me doing extreme fur sports.

Slingshot out the wiggly poles!

Super Pup through the tire!

Ear flap propulsion up the crazy walk!

When I grow up

My mom and dad leave me every day at home alone.  Ok, not alone, I’m with Lacie, but I consider her one of my toys, so really I’m alone.

Lonely Lola Pout

They say they HAVE to go because they have to to work so they can make moneys to buy me raw hides and string cheese.  Which is silly, because my human mom and dad have no cool talents like being Professors of Squirrology like Lacie is, so who has enough crazies in the head to pay them to do anything??  I say, I should become the new cheese winner, and leave them at home all day while I earn the moneys.  Things I have in mind to do (Lacie can be my sidekick/coworker):

1) Goose hunting.  I hear there are geese around, pooping all over nice grassy places and the humans don’t want to pick up the poop.  Solution?  Lacie and I can run around and chase them away so they don’t poop on the grass.  We would call ourselves the “Goose Busters.”

2) Doggy fashion model.  I’m very cute, and I look even cuter dressed in really elaborate dog clothes.  And I heard of something called a “Cat Walk” that has my name written ALL over it.

3) Dish cleaner.   My mom puts her dishes in this machine to get them all clean, but I’m telling you, my tongue would do a WAAAAY better job of getting the extra food bits off.

4) Person finder.  Sometimes humans lose other humans.  I don’t know how (humans must not be all that smart), but it happens.  I hear it on the TV all the time.  So they should give me moneys to find the people.  I play hide and seek with my human parents all the time and I always find them.  (Ok, maybe Lacie beats me to it, but she’ll be my sidekick in human finding, so no biggie).  With my nose and Lacies OCD, no human would go unfound.

5) Therapy dog.  This is totally my favorite job ever!  I heard my mom talking about it once and ever since then I told myself, when I grow up I want to be a therapy dog.  I hear that all you have to do is get touched.  By humans.  ALL DAY LONG.  OMG, that is so awesome.  Can I lick them too?  Do I have to stand still?  Cuz touching usually makes me very very wiggly.

So interweb humans, do you know of any openings in the above professions?  I’m pretty sure my humans could stay at home all day long by themselves.  I haven’t crate trained them or anything, but they seem to be able to hold their pee till they get to the bathroom.

Happy dog mom day

I’m not sure why humans have holidays.  Maybe an excuse to behave like a dog, displaying all sorts of Happy with reckless abandon?  Either way, yesterday was Happy Mom day, so I wanted to tell the wide world of interweb humans just how cool my human mom is.  First of all, she’s an excellent snuggler…

Mom luvs snuggle time

Second, she loves to dress me up in all sorts of fashionable attire that I can wear around the house till I decide to nom on it.

I will walk the cat walk... wait, are there CATS on that walk?!?

And third, she loves to take me and Lacie on awesome trips to doggie play lands.

Perfect place to practicing my Spring!

So if you have a cool mom like me, I hope you gave her some licks yesterday.   She may not be furry, but my mom is the coolest. 🙂

Me and my mom

Humans get the crazies too

Riddle me this interweb non-dogs:

Why do so many humans I meet give me a quizzical look that says “what the heck is that dog thinking?”  They don’t look at other humans like that.  Why don’t they try to put themselves in my position?  Give it the ol’ ‘What Would Lola Do (WWLD)’?  Step into my paws?  Why?  Because they think they’re way too different to even begin to comprehend what I’m thinking.

But you know, interweb humans, you and I are not really that different.  We both love to eat.  And nap in the sun.  And everyone knows humans love a good cuddle.  So really the only difference between us, besides your fur being so thin and lackluster, is that I’ve got crazies in my head and you are so logical.  Or are you?  Not so fast, oh “logical” humans… I have proof that humans get the crazies too!

1) Why do humans spontaneously run in place on crazy machines that go nowhere with no squirrel or goose in front of them for motivation?  That’s WEIRD!

2) Humans keep all sorts of delicious noms in their homes… like peanut butter, and cheese… but then they try to combine these perfect wonder foods with weird stuff like celery and lettuce.  What gives?  Give me an opposeable thumb to open that cabinet and you’ll see what logic looks like.

3) Humans get all excited when they see other humans without clothes, but then they spend sooooo much time picking out the clothes they put on.  No one cares what the clothes look like.  It makes no sense!

4) And the craziest of all crazy things that humans do?  They have all sorts of stupid emotions other than Happy… like Sad.  Why?  Do these emotions help them catch squirrels?  Nope.  Do they make other humans want to play with them.  No.  Do human emotions make peanut butter magically appear (because that would be a perfectly logical explanation for such a habit)?  NO!

I’m telling you, there’s gotta be some crazy goin on in the human head for that to happen. You should see what happens to my mom when she needs a cookie.  It makes Lacie without exercise look like a sleeping baby.  CA-RAy-Zee time.

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