The Terror of the Fluff

When I was a young pup in California, we had a really big window and I would sit at the window and watch all the people walk by and the birds fly around.   I would see the neighborhood dogs walking with their humans and I would bark a hello as they passed by.  Even the mailman would wave and say my name when he came by.  It was all the best part of my inside day.

But then the Fluff moved in next door…

The Fluff

Before I met the Fluff I had never seen a cat before.  And when the Fluff moved in, he just strolled right across my driveway like he owned it.  At first I barked to say “hey, that’s my driveway, Fluff!”  But that only made him come closer and closer.  Soon it was his daily routine to come right up to my window and sit on the edge, right on the other side of the glass from me.  And the Fluff would stare right into my eyes and make me think crazy things.  Shapes and stars would swirl around in my head.   And I would bark and wine, and he would just stare at me.  Never blinking.  Just twitching his fluffy tail and moving his fluffy whiskers.  The longer he stared at me, the more the crazy grew.   Until just when I thought I might explode from too much crazy, he would just dart away without warning.

I had nightmares about the Fluff.  Always running after him and never catching him.  Sometimes when I heard noises at night, I thought is was the Fluff sneaking in to my house and I would leap off the bed and race around trying to find him.  And then the Fluff family moved away and took the Fluff with them.  I thought for sure that was the end.  I’d never be able to catch the Fluff.  I didn’t know what I’d do when I caught him, but I knew that was the purpose of my Spring.  To catch the Fluff.

Then I learned that the Fluff is just one of many many cats in the world.  Many many many cats.  So many cats that I’m always on the lookout for them.  Whenever I’m out, I sniff around, keep my ears on alert, and if I smell or spy a fluffy hair I spring into action in case the Fluff is nearby.  Maybe one day I’ll catch up to the fluff.  Maybe one day we’ll play the stare game my way.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Lola's dad on April 28, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    Lola also loves to window shop at petsmart for Fluff friends.


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