Humans who don’t like dogs

I think there is a sickness for humans called anti-dog leprosy.  I posted before that all human kids are born loving dogs, and then some humans somehow grow up to not like dogs.  When do they get the sickness?  Is it contagious?  I’m worried my favorite humans will catch it somehow after hearing Lacie’s stories of her old human parents abandoning her.  So I’m going to keep a close eye on my humans.  I’ve put together a list of symptoms I came up with so you, oh dog-loving interweb humans, can also spot those infected:

1) The humans infected with anti-dog leprosy will also be infected with frowny-face disease, and complainitis.  So they’ll be unable to sustain a happy, instead complaining about everything in the world that has the possibility of giving other humans a happy.

2) They will also show an inability to use their whole human brain.  Often their thoughts (especially about dogs) will have no facts or logic associated with them, and they will insist on spewing these thoughts out to anyone who will listen.  Kinda like how I throw up my food if my mom accidentally leaves some chocolate out.

3) They don’t know how to frolic.  This is the most important (and easiest to spot) test for anti-dog leprosy.  If you know a human who doesn’t know how to frolic, back away slowly and try not to lick them or you may get infected.

My human mom just told me about an outbreak of this infection in our old home back in California.  I sure hope my doggie friends out there are keeping an eye on their humans!  And I hope the humans in California can stop it from spreading.  Otherwise California dogs won’t be able to do cool things like this:

California Adventures: Mission Peak

California Adventures: Mission Peak


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