Songs about me

There are so many human songs about me, that I sometimes get confused when humans don’t want me to lick them in the face.  I mean, you sing about me on almost every radio station, but you don’t love me so much you want me to clean all the food off your lips?  If you’re wondering what songs are specifically about me (there are many), here are my top 5:

1) “I’m down with LCC” (“Yeah, you know me”) — my full name is Lola Coca Cola (or LCC)

2) “Whatever Lola Wants” (“…Lola gets”) — uh, duh

3) “Her name was Lola” — This song is confusing to me, but it has my name in it, and they say my name a lot… “Lola, La la la la Lola”.

4) “I Feel So Untouched” — Cuz I do.. unless I’m at the Magical Land of Touches for Free

5) “Can You Meet Me Halfway” — If not I’ll run all the way over.

Do you interweb humans have any favorite songs about me?  If you can’t think of one, feel free to sing one of my favs.  Right now.  Just get up and sing. Wherever you are right now (work, asleep, doing something lame and un-fun), just stop all the human nonsense and sing about the coolest dog you’ve never met.  Lacie is trying to sing along too, but all she can say is “Ah boo boo boo.”
If you can’t sing (or maybe you don’t know how?)… do you have any food that needs to be cleaned off your lips?  Have tongue, will travel.


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