I love kids

Kids are way cooler than adult humans.  No question about it.  First, they have way more energy and never get tired of playing with me.  And second, they are smaller than adults and don’t mind being licked in the face quite as much (or perhaps they mind and can’t do anything about it).  I want one for my very own.  I keep telling this to my mom by running/tugging toward all the kids I see outside.  But I’m not sure she’s getting the message.   Maybe she’ll read my blog (instead of just blindly typing, which she tends to do since she’s always typing and watching her beloved TV shows at the same time) and get the hint.  Maybe.

Yesterday, I was thinking she heard my inner thoughts because she brought us to a strange yard that had not one, but two little girls (Josie and Claudia)!  And they played with me allllll day.  It was like heaven.  Josie’s mom said she must have been a dog in a former life because she has so much energy and loves to play like me.  But I think she’s just an awesome human kid.  I wanted to take her home with me, but my mom says they’ll visit some other time.  I’m counting the doggie days!

You know what else is great about kids?  They all love dogs.  Sure some of the older ones who have heard too many stories from their parents are a bit wary.  But the younger ones… they all love dogs.  Kids are definitely born loving dogs.  And they especially love me.  As you humans grow up you start caring about stupid things like being clean, getting rest, having emotions other than happy, and going to work.  But kids think everyday is Caturday.  And, like me, they would way rather be outside romping in the forest than doing anything else.

What happens to you humans as you get older?  Why are human adults so lame?  Is it some kind of sickness?  If so, please tell all the human doctors to work on it asap.  If human adults were just taller kids, the world would be a fantastical land, and I’d run around looking like this all the time:

Happy, Lola-style


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kubby and chloe's mom on April 25, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    holy cowz lola. you have just about the craziest happy i have ever seen!


  2. Lola says thx. She has been practicing a bunch. 🙂


  3. […] Leave a Comment I think there is a sickness for humans called anti-dog leprosy.  I posted before that all human kids are born loving dogs, and then some humans somehow grow up to not like dogs.  […]


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