The Shy Paradox

Perhaps you can answer a question for me humans, since you all possess so many useless emotions other than happy.  What is the motivation behind being “shy?”  I met a “shy” dog last night at our extreme fur sport practice.  He seemed alright, except whenever I got close to Shy, he would get all ansty and the humans would have spasms and call me over in panicked voices.   Which of course only made me want to get even closer to Shy.  It was this mystery that I couldn’t solve!  A dog who couldn’t play!  All I could think about was Shy!  It was like Shy had this magnetic pull, or was covered in peanut butter or something.

Now, being an all knowing Springer Spaniel, I feel I am an enlightened dog.  But it I can’t unlock Shy.  He is an enigma wrapped in a paradox wrapped in bacon.  It seems, based on how angry Shy gets when I get nearby, that Shy doesn’t want me to play with him.  Which I find odd, because who wouldn’t want to play with me?  Maybe he is sick?  But if Shy really doesn’t want to play with me, why oh why does he act in a way that only makes me want to play with him more!?!  You know who I don’t want to play with?  That annoying German Shepard puppy that jumps all over me right before I’m about to Spring for the ball.   She messes up my game.

So here’s my two licks for the day: If you, like Shy, really don’t want other dogs (or humans) to play with you, be annoying.  Don’t be shy.  It doesn’t make any sense, and you’ll only end up smelling like bacon.

And if you do want to play, check out the following video to see how fun I can be to play with.  🙂


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Laura Nelson on April 23, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    LOVE it!! MIss those girls!


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